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Our commitment to 55+ Canadians is to help them live responsibly, securely and worry-free during retirement.

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Our story

Hi, I’m Ben McCabe, founder and CEO of Bloom.

If you’re a homeowner over the age of 55 in Canada, first of all, congratulations. You made a smart decision to invest in real estate, and you’ve likely built significant wealth in your home.

At the same time, more and more retired homeowners are finding it harder to keep up with their monthly expenses.

Good pensions are rare, prices everywhere are going up, and millions of Canadian seniors are wondering if they have enough savings to live the retirement life they’d envisioned.

We started Bloom to help them do so.

Whether you need to pay off your existing mortgage, cover unexpected expenses, help your children, or have just a little bit more in the account every month, we can be of service.

We’re grateful to be there for you on your path to financial freedom.

Our promise to you.

Be agile

As a small business, we work together to find the right financial solution for our clients in the shortest time possible.

Always be transparent

We will always be transparent regarding our clients’ rates, fees or other deal terms. As colleagues, we will keep challenging each other to build better products for our customers.

Show integrity

We are honest and respectful in every interaction, whether with our valued clients, colleagues or partners. We will always do the right thing and never harm anyone.

Make it easy

The last thing you need when making financial decisions is a complicated process. Working with Bloom gives you an easy and smooth process and a dedicated Account Representative throughout your entire experience.

We will always make it as simple as possible for you to access the wealth that is yours.

We will strive to ensure you are always comfortable and confident in the decisions you make with us.

We will never sell you a product we don’t believe will help you flourish.

Your home, your equity, your

This is our commitment to you.

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You’re always in good hands

Ben McCabe

Founder and CEO

Vishal Gulati

Chief Operating Officer

Rachel Cohen

Chief Marketing Officer

Hasan Nizami

Head of Product

Jason Anton

VP, Sales

Michael Granger

VP, Engineering

Geoff Hector

VP, Finance

Nancy Karlovich

Regional VP, Ontario

Barbara Ogrodny

Head of Compliance

Siva Perumal

Head of Underwriting

Rachel Rogerson

Director of Business Development, West

Kevin Watson

VP, Information Technology and Security
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